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One of the oldest cities on Luna, Shackleton is a settlement located near Shackleton Crater at the Lunar south pole.


Shackleton's history began during the Wormhole Rush when, as a consequence of the opening of the interstellar frontier, nations began investing more into space development. The outpost which eventually became the Lunar city of Shackleton was established as a propellant production depot which took advantage of the large amount of water ice available in Shackleton crater, shielded against melting since the crater floor remained in constant darkness. This ice was mined and transported for processing, where it could be electrolyized into hydrogen and oxygen for chemical rocket fuel, or simply purified as liquid water for nuclear-thermal engines.
  Humanity's stargates at this time were located in high orbit of Terra, and the need to support increasing levels of travel to and from them required large amounts of rocket fuel and propellants, spacecraft engines of the time being incredibly inefficient by modern standards. Even with the decreasing cost of space access it would have been prohibitively expensive to ship it all up from Terra's surface, leading to it being sourced from locations such as Luna, where the lower gravity made rocket flight much easier.
  Shackleton experienced its first crisis at the end of this period, when Terra's civilization destroyed itself in the End of Earth. Many stargates were destroyed or failed when they could no longer be maintained, Shackleton endured as a source of precious propellant, water, and oxygen to space-based survivors.
  During the Second Interstellar Period it grew into a major Lunar city, shifting to become a financial and industrial center, as well as a beam propulsion station, as its reserves of water ice depleted. It was devastated by bombardment in the Age of Strife, few survivors remained.
  With the restoration of interstellar civilization under the Stellar Compact, the devastated moon was ready to be rebuilt into something new. Shackleton saw large numbers of immigrants when Supreme Scavlord Maximus Mortus kicked humans off their ancestral Terran homelands in the Great Extirpation, and provided industry to support rebuilding efforts as the Interstellar Dark Ages ended.
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