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Wandering Woods

The Wandering Woods are a section of forest within the allied races country along the central western portion of the country. The land is almost exclusively devoted to the stewardship of the elves for one major reason: they’re one of the few that can handle it.   The Wandering Woods gets its name from the fact that, at times, the trees will decide to move around on their own. The exact method of doing so is never explicitly seen. And, in some cases where groups have stayed in an area for an extended period of time to try and document it for themselves, even they were not able to witness it. But when they all finally fell victim to their own exhaustion, they woke up in a thick dense patch of trees with almost no way out. Thus highly discouraging such intrusive behavior from the sentient races in the future.   The trees, the very forest, has a will of its own. If you are well thought of by the forest, it will typically leave you be. And the trees won’t interfere with your comings and goings. However, if you have done something to earn the forest’s ire, you may not make it out of the forest alive at all.   Elves are able to deal with the forest because of their magic. Despite the tricks played on them by the woods around them, they can still navigate themselves where they need to go using a few helpful charms. And that’s to say nothing of their general ability to placate the anger of the forest and earn its cooperation.   Avistian are another race that can transverse the forest with little difficulty. However, this has more to do with their ability to get above the canopy and triangulate their positioning from above and just fly above it all.   A dwarf that’s angered the woods is in for a long, humility earning, experience without some outside aid. A fate potentially shared by any other non-Elven or Avistian race who makes the mistake of being rude to the forest.   Inside the forest is some of the most fertile land in the entire allied races’ nation. However, the forest won’t stand for development of the land. A few attempts have been made to do so, to clear just enough space for crops. Each and every instance has been met with disastrous results as the forest forcefully reclaimed its territory eventually, and usually over night.   After much experimentation, of the least invasive methods possible, the elves had learned how to grow a variety of crops under the canopy of the large trees of the Wandering Forest. The most optimal for both growth and return on investment being a variety of bush grown barriers and smaller trees that produce fruits or nuts. The forest did not seem to mind them, and would leave them be, along with those elves who would come to tend to them.   There are a few theories on why this particular area is so fertile. And, the leading hypothesis also explains the forest’s behavior. There is some evidence to lend credence to the thought that the area is a hotbed of Primal, also know Primordial or Ancient, energies. Natural magic. The same kind that has led to the manifestation of many elementals. The same kind of magic that Humans had learned how to harness through a variety of potions and brews to draw it out for their use, despite having no innate magical ability at all.   If this is true, this would explain why the Wandering Wood can actually wander around. As it’s basically a nesting ground for nature based elementals. Possibly in tree shape.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)

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