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Moss Oxen

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Slow, lumbering, and overgrown the Moss Oxen are a native species of the Gorgewald Forest that have carved their ecological niche through intense camoflage and unique diet of algae. Similar in apperance to other, more common oxen the Moss Oxen gradually grows a thick layer of moss, slime, and insects across its hide that allows it to camoflage perfectly with the stagnant ponds they feed from. In recent years, the farming settlements found within the Gorgewald Forest have begun attempts at domesticating these beasts to carry massive burdens from one town to another.
Through druidic magic, this domestication has been rather successful though resource intensive. Able to carry nearly double their weight easily, Moss Oxen are perfect beasts of burden. Eventually, it is the plan of the Gorgewald farmers to breed a faster subspecies but the creatures diet makes sustaining larger populations nearly impossible.

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