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Infamously constructed out of the corpses of Gravehunters and raw Blackstone, Shatterhold is the final defense against the Unfallen of the Blistered Expanse of the Blistered Expanse. Despite its macabre origins, Shatterhold is now seen as a symbol of hope, solidarity, and triumph to the living.
A red mist cloaks the great fortress of bone and Blackstone, shielding it from both the Unfallen and the prying eyes of the Peak. The massive gate that leads into the Hold remains open in direct, pride-tinged defiance as if to say, "Try your best."
— Introduction of Shatterhold, Timort Writestone



Torn from the gaunt fingers of the Unfallen and constructed in nearly four months time late 22 AF, Shatterhold's construction can only be described as miraculous. Wedged sturdily between two mountains of the Red Peaks, the original layout of Shatterhold was meant to be temporary leading to a more organic layout than the efficient design most Dwarven cities adhere too.

Though no one race can lay claim to the construction of Shatterhold, without the Dwarves the construction would have never finished. Additionally, a shrine has been built honoring the hundreds of magi that paid with their lives to speed up the construction of the stronghold.


Shatterhold was built by Gravehunters, for Gravehunters. This fact has lead to Shatterhold being one of the most culturally diverse locations within Haven, despite its dark origin. Manfolk, Beastfolk, Feyfolk, and even Greenfolk all walk as equals on the skull-cobbled streets of Shatterhold.

Worship of the Nine holds strong as the primary religion within Shatterhold. The Unseen Faith and the Primalities claim near equal numbers due to the large population of Dwarves and Beastfolk. After a few disasters, the worship of the Slaughter has been strictly banned within Shatterhold. Like in most of Haven, agnostics are frowned upon and often mocked.


With no roads connecting it and the constant threat of the Unfallen that surround the city, Shatterhold's economy is reliant solely on what can be scavenged off the corpses outside the walls. If it weren't for the high quantity of magi within the Gravehunter's the city would starved itself out long ago.


Nearly all structures within Shatterhold have been fabricated and crafted by magic rather than labor. While this does lead to more creative, organic looking designs than the average city has, very little within Shatterhold would last under siege. Some Dwarves find this construction lazy but admit its usefulness.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
The Hold, Brinkhold

Quick Notes

  • If Shatterhold were to ever fall to the Unfallen, all of the Verdant Expanse and potentially all of Haven would fall with it.
  • Due to the numerous times Verdant has caught the workers of Shatterhold logging their "sacred" forest, relations between the two cities are strained at best.

Notable NPCs

    Local Deities

  • Maeleaus, God of Protection

Whispers of Haven

  • A few Gravehunters have started searching for a relic of the ex-Angel of Protection, a shield perhaps?

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After Fall

  • 22 AF

    Founding of Shatterhold

    Built upon the corpses of fallen soldiers, Shatterhold is erected as a beacon of solidarity against the Unfallen hordes. It is quickly established as major influence in the political landscape of Haven.

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