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Wrotboil Lake


Known mostly for being the only lake within the Parched Expanse the Wrotboil Lake is actually a lake of molten salt.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Saltbless Lake, Parched Lake
Location under
Inhabiting Species

Life, but Barely

Once thought that no life could truly survive within the Wrotboil lake it was a shock to the natives of Saltbless when they realized that a few creatures managed to survive within the boiling waters. The most notable of these creatures is the Saltspray Wyrm.

Holy Waters

The @grisg people believe that the Wrotboil Lake was formed by the tears of their creator god when she realized the trials that her favored creations would endure. Because of this, the waters of Wrotboil are considered holy and are used in various ceremonies.

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