Saltspray Wyrm


"What whistles like a boiling pot but holds no water?"
"A Saltspray Wyrm."
— Loxodon Children's Riddle
Existing somewhere between Beast and Elemental, Saltspray Wyrms exist solely within the Wrotboil Lake and remain an oddity even to the cultures that live alongside them. With scales of salt and no meat to harvest, these Wyrms remain unhunted and undomesticated. Several Shamans have attempted to contact, or even control, the Wyrms but found that they may be simply mindless creatures that exist only to consume the heat of the Wrotboil Lake.

A Name in Debate

With the term "Wyrm" being used for a specific type of legless reptile closer to a lizard than a snake, Scholars of Seawatch have attempted to rename the Saltspray Wyrms to "Saltspray Anomoly" or "Saltspray Moteling". These names have yet to be adopted by the locals actually living alongside the creatures.

General Information

Geographic Distribution

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