Bedrek is the largest settlement on the Dust Shores and is ran by the elusive Bedrek family. Mostly known as a quiet fishing town, Bedrek is slowly breaking into the larger political climate through their growing timber trade. Despite its proximity to the Blacksea there is no Zypher Temple located within Bedrek.


Family Oligarchy

As the original founders, the Bedrek Family has run the city of Bedrek for as long as the city has existed. No matter the generation, the oldest male of the Bedrek family is considered the Patriarch and is complete control over the entire city. The current Patriarch is Telnok Bedrek who is reaching his end years.

Town Council

Comprised purely of members of the Bedrek Family, the Town Council of Bedrek controls the day to day efforts of the settlement. This could be things as simple as making sure people have enough food to advanced declarations of peace with other Dust Shore settlements.


Founded in 813 of Eld.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Bedrek's Dock (archaic)
Large town
Around 8,000.
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under



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