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Savage, instinctual, and honor-bound the Mohrite people are one of the main species of Humanity found within Haven. Banished alongside the Mohnagi for their crimes against the City of Marble, it was believed the Mohrites had died upon the salt and sand until they started venturing out of their exile.

General Information

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Around 50 years with luck.
Average Height
5'5" to 6'.
Average Weight
140 pounds, due to lack of food and water.
Related Ethnicities

Quick Notes

  • Though gold still has value for the Mohrite, water is a more common currency.
  • Cannabalism is frowned upon by the Mohrite culture, but they are willing to eat nearly anything.
  • At the age of 12 all Mohrites are sent out alone into the Parched Expanse alone to survive for a week, they do this to weed out the weak and harden the strong.
  • Many Mohrites shave their heads completely bald.

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