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Found across all of Ravare, and the planes beyond, Humanity is the most populous and far-reaching species in the entire multiverse. The cause for this is simple and well-known by those that have encountered Humanity; within every Human is an undeniable urge to explore, expand, and conquer. Even at the cost of thousands of lives. These conquests, known by most as Crusades, have been going on for longer than the written word.
It is not through steel we will stand victorious, for others have mastered its craft.
It is not through magic we will stand victorious, for others have mastered that too.
It is not even through numbers that we will stand victorious.
No, hear me now as I say this: It will be through our WILL that we shall be victorious. For by our will, we are the masters of our own fate.
— Godking Awarnach, History of the First Men.

Origins Unknown

Being so far spread Humanity has developed thousands of different beliefs of their origin making it impossible to tell fact from fiction. The only remaining commonality between all of Humanity is their understanding that they have all, at some point, come from elsewhere. For the younger subspecies, this is understandable and their ancestry is easily traced. For others, such as the First Men of Solith, this belief only welcomes more questions.
To be Human is to survive. Even if your life isn't worth surviving.
— Common Solm Saying

General Information

Prehistoric Origin

Many races of Solith understand their origins in the world. Who made them or how they came into being. Humanity has no such luck and none can understand their origin. No matter how far back in time you go, how old the people you find, no one knows.

Across the Wyld

According to Eldish history, Humanity was found on both sides of the Wyld and was a leading cause for their departure. These Humans were described as gray-skinned and androgynous, but still very much the same race.

Across the Sea

What little diplomacy that has been successful with the Kushtaka has given even more validity to Humanity claim to be across all of Ravare. The Kushtaka knew of Humans before they crossed the Blacksea.

Quick Notes

  • Many Humans, and even other species, believe that Humanity may be the first sophontic species on Ravare, or possible anywhere.
  • Despite the amount of territory Mankind as a species owns, they are not the most populous race. That would go to Goblins and Greenfolk in general.
  • Having conquered much of Haven, taking it from the Beastfolk, Humanity is still thought of as a warmongering species even after nearly three thousand years.

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