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Forgotten Plains


While the Forgotten Plains may have been generally unscathed by the Fall of Lady Death they were directly cut off from the rest of the Haven forcing the settlements into self reliance for survival. With no direct competition from the various Life Cabals that claim much of the Verdant Expanse, the Earthen Elementals of the Forgotten Plains were able to transform the once vibrant grassland into a drying, but lush savannah.

Elemental Cabals

  • Waldic Cabal - (Earth) Own the Waldic Range.
  • Cracked Earth Cabal - (Earth) Own the savannah.
  • Tollick Cabal - (Life) Own the Tol'Mek Marsh.


  • Living Stone
  • Rotwater
  • Hardwood
  • Wild Game
  • Rotlake Fungal Farms


  1. Settled by Beastfolk.
  2. Seperation by Manfolk.
  3. Seperation from the Verdant Exapnse.
  4. Many places fall to the Unfallen threat, no capital to run to.
  5. Uneasy Peace during the Fall.
  6. Rebuilding & Reclaimation


  • Forgotten Plains

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Forgotten Plains

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