Camp Fleshwatch


Camp Fleshwatch is an enstablished settlement of the Centaurs constructed to allow them to keep an eye on the Blistered Expanse and the Unfallen that roam it. It is also the homeplace of a new Clan that grows at it heart that wishes to reuinite the Six Clans together to take back their old homeland.


Centauric Architecture

Being a nomadic people, Centaurs have perfected the means of making structures that can be easily collapsed into organized buddles that can be easily worn or dragged. What makes Camp Fleshwatch different is the appearance of new, more permanent structures. Large tents with massive wooden stakes to hold them to the earth and wooden palisades make up a large portion of the Camp instead of the portable tents that are normally used.

Altar of the Govveneth

As one of the last relics of the Centaur people, the Govveneth Stone is both a religious icon and a powerful artifact in the right hands. Knowledge of it residing in Camp Fleshwatch has brought the attention of many scholars, priests, and magi alike.
Ravenpeak is willing to give coin or knowledge for the information regarding this Govveneth Stone or the worship of it.
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General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Fleshcamp (Dwarvish)
Military, Camp
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