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Death's Cradle


Found at the center of the Blistered Expanse, Death's Cradle sits as a smoldering crater that was once the earthen coffin of Lady Death. Despite having returned to her rightful throne in Bastion the place is still feared by all living Sophont. This is not helped by the wandering hordes of Mindless Unfallen still feeding on chunks of Exarch-Flesh and Godblood that still remains.

Death's Cradle Report: 21st After Fall

~The exact date has been lost. The report was found on an Unfallen that wandered into Shatterhold around the year 46 AF.

They are endless. We must retreat from this place as fast as we can. Solith has been lost. The crater still burns, releasing a stench so vile even my steel-bound companion has caught ill. But worse yet is the number of Unfallen. They are endless. We must retreat.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Death's Rest, The Cradle
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
Location under
Inhabiting Species

Cover image: Blistered Expanse by Logo by Garret Grace Lewis, edited by Oneriwien.


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