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Brother's Rest

Written by Michael Fahey.


Brother's Rest lies at the base of the Throat of the World nestled at the end of a long mountain pass. The entire settlement is just a handful of buildings including a market square and a squat, stone tavern. The heart of the settlement lies embedded in the side of the mountain that Brother's Rest clings to, and in its center lies a great monastery. The temple was carved of Blackstone and from the very side of the mountain centuries ago but has slowly fallen into disrepair. Entire sections of the monastery now live abandoned as the skeleton crew of brothers struggle to keep the settlement in order. A small clump of merchants has taken up residence in the monasteries outer courtyard.

Entrance to the Unseen

Brother's Rest is one of the only easily accessible homes to the Unseen Faith and its order of monks. It once served as their initiation and training grounds for young neophytes. In recent years the initiation of new blood has become scarce causing the temple to crumble under the elements.

Brother's Friend

A unique drink created by the order of monks, Brother's Friend cannot be called a delicious drink by any definition. Its foul taste is only mitigated by its powerful ability to make all your troubles melt away in the embrace of Brother's Friend. The drink itself is a foul mixture of red wine and a heavily distilled brew from the monks private cellars. A popular drink for veteran Gravehunters in the North.
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General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Mountain Stop (by the local traders)
Somewhere between 20 to 30.
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