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Longsable Sheep

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Black robes? Black banners? How are they managing to fish up so many squid?


Longsable Sheep, genetic ancestors of the Sable Rams that once lived around the Twin Peaks, are a domesticated ruminant mammals famed for their warm, black wool that is used across Haven. Being the primary source of wool across all of Haven, the native clothing and styles normally revolve around shades of dark gray and black.

Shades of Black

Various breeds, normally named after their breeders, have been maintained by herders to supply more variety in the shades of black and gray available. Naturally, Longsable Sheep are the color of coal but can come in an almost true black or a dark gray. The price of the wool increases the darker the wool is. Certain wool that is considered "bright" can also be fairly expensive.

General Information

Around 8 years, but they are often gifted extended life through magic.
Average Height
2.4 feet in height, with males being taller.
Average Weight
Around 140 pounds, with females being heavier.
Geographic Distribution

Vestigial Horns

Male Sable Rams, the ancestors of the Longsable Sheep, were known for their large size and grand horns. These horns, seen as an obstacle by most herders, have almost been completely bred out. Some males can grow horns up to three inches in lenght but this is rare.


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