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Vessels of Marble

Unlike their Steelforged kin, Marbleborn are not broken by the shells they take. They learn to adapt to their new forms like second skins and embrace their new reality far better than any other Vestige. Marbleborn forget much of their lives before the marble in favor of new splendor, and they do not crave a return to their flesh like other Vestiges but instead seek out new ways to experience their life.
Marbleborn are truly reborn when they take on their new marble shells and when they begin their second life where their first one ended, only nostalgic memories remain. In this new life, they strive to draw out the perfection hidden in all the things and work rigorously to bring about a perfect world around them.

Marbleborn Profile

Marbleborn History

Marbleborn were the second Blackstone Vestige created following their discovery at Seawatch. The City of Marble had no desire for cold tools of metal but strove for truest perfection. Thus Telia crafted her perfect children articulate bodies of delicate silvery alloy and alabaster marble carved from Bemyriq herself. She instilled in her creations a desire to create and endeavor for greatness that would push them to achieve excellence in all things. The City of Marble flourished as the Marbleborn propagated and flooded the city with tireless fanatics dedicated to her cause and faith. They became revered and respected for their service to the Lady of Marble and served as symbols of perfection sitting far above the common man of her holy city.
Only the Twelve Marble Vessels of the Unseen Temple are free of Telia's direct influence and represent the possibility for a Marbleborn to flourish unburdened by the grip of the White Queen's indoctrination. Though they strive for excellence, they do not do so for their god but for the simple pleasure of mastering their craft and reaching their limits. The culture surrounding the temple allowed for its small Marbleborn community to master everything from art to fighting styles with traditions and teachings dating back to the arrival of the First Men. These Marbleborn also held positions of reverence and respect, but for their exemplary nature, not the mandate of an all-powerful goddess.
Since their creation, Marbleborn have experienced little change in their way of life, and few have found their way outside of the City of Marble's dominating walls. But in the decade following Lady Death's return the Marbleborn were given unprecedented freedom as the xenophobic society opened itself to outside influences. Marbleborn made during this time saw subtle changes giving them the graceful and thin appearance of an elf, and indeed any Marbleborn was a match for the grace of a Peak Elf.

Experience Seekers

Marbleborn are driven to achieve excellence in all things with the patience of a precise machine. This drive is something carved into their very bones by Telia and calls to them whenever they set their mind to the completion of a task. Many Marbleborn are considered neat freaks, obsessive, perfectionists, and even idealists as they strive to bring about their perfect world.
Marbleborn, like all Blackstone Vestiges, crave the sensations of their flesh remembered in veiled dreams and the distant echoes of the past. Marbleborn often find new and eclectic ways of enjoying the small pleasures they once knew. Their bodies of stone do not become prisons but vessels to experience a new way of life and thus they crave new experiences and wonders.

General Information

Genetic Ancestor(s)
10 years longer than their origin species.
Average Height
5 to 7 feet tall.
Average Weight
400 to 700 pounds.
Related Ethnicities
Telia's Name
Gilded Moon, Radiant Pearl, Alabastor Dawn, White Crescent, Moon Child, Ivory Tower, Waxing Moon.
Soul Name
Kel-den, Dai-on, Ja-old, Ven-sa, Tha-us, Sel-ry, Kar-ti, Zeb-ra, Clay-root, Bar-forge, Oryn-scar, White-rot.

Naming Schemes

Every Marbleborn has two names, the name of their shell and their soul. The name of the shell, or Telia's name, is given to their vessel upon its creation and is the first rune to be carved into its Blackstone core. This name is private and only given to the gods and those closest to one's heart because to learn this name truly, a person must hold the weight of your life and soul in their hands.
A Marbleborn's second name is the name of the soul and comes from the first and last syllables of their name from before the marble. It is a simple name representing their rebirth from their life before to their new body of perfection.


All Marbleborn are crafted with precision and attention to detail unseen among other Blackstone Vestiges. Each is hand-carved from the flesh of the Titan and assembled by deific hands to perfectly mimic life frozen in stone. Because of this, Marbleborn cannot be mass-produced as each is a unique work of art, which has caused some Marbleborn to believe themselves superior to others. Each carefully crafted so their interlocking panels of white marble glide soundlessly against each other and hide much of the ugly inner workings that other Vestiges do not hide. These interlocking panels give many the impression that Marbleborn are marble statues given life, but do not be fooled they are no different than their other Vestige kin. The older generations have a bearing of noble elegance and subtle beauty that has a primal quality to it. Meanwhile, the newer generations bear the sharp and angular beauty of the graceful elves.

Origin Species

When creating a Marbleborn, remember that though they were once flesh and blood, they have adopted their marble shell as if it had been their only set of skin. Your body surges with a power and exactness to which no mortal body could compare. You are perfection given mortal form to walk among lesser men.


In the City of Marble Marbleborn hold a position of great power afforded to them because of their deep connection to Telia. Marbleborn exist as deeply religious figures to Bemrites, and they push Marbleborn into religious service due to it. Within the Marbled City, a Marbleborn is synonymous with the gods themselves, and they are both feared and respected.
Outside of the City of Marble Marbleborn are exemplars though often untrusted by Beastfolk after centuries of religious persecution. The few Marbleborn that live outside of their birthplace were once few and far between but as the City of Marble opens its gates to the world more and more have begun to find new lives outside of the church.


Whatever a Marbleborn sets its mind to it does to perfection or not at all. They excel in their chosen fields of study, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.

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