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Playable Sophont

Fettered Storms

Imbued with the chaotic and destructive power of Elemental Storm, the Stormbound are the second rarest variety of Bound. Several elementals were successfully dregged up from the Western shores, near Shardholm. Though most of them were Storm Elementals, they all took upon different forms were of seemingly different origins. Research into said origin of the Elementals was quickly shut down in favor of extracting their Essence for the creation of new Bound. Only three were successful.
Discussing Haven's Storm Elementals with an Elemental is required to know this secret.
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General Information

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
6 to 7 feet.
Average Weight
400 pounds of steel, 5 pounds of Core.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

Ice Hatred

StormBound have a natural hatred towards Ice Elementals and FrostBound.


StormBound crackle with chaotic energy, sometimes lightning but sometimes something else. The unnatural entropy that surrounds them causes objects within proximity, and their own steel frames, to wear down quickly. Of the three remaining StormBound, each one claims to originate from a different land making any organization of their traits or features near impossible.

The Fallen Fourth

Originally, four StormBound were successfully created. The first three, originating from Planes understandable by Haven Sophonts, were able to meld together. The fourth, however, gave way to the rampant chaos within and killed itself in distress.

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