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Bound Elementals

As the scholar-magi of Seawatch searched for new ways to power their Golemugice machines, it was only a matter of time before they started searching the realms beyond the Runegates. By studying the way the more primal Shamans were able to bind Elementals to their Totems it became possible to bind the very soul of an Elemental to an artificed Blackstone Vestige.
These new Formedfolk would become simply known as the Bound. Two entities, one a Sophont and the other an Elemental, bound together in steel and Blackstone for all of eternity.

Bound History

As the newest Sophont to wander Solith, the history of the Bound starts with the first successful binding. In 79 AR, a team of artifcers, unwillingly assisted by a Tuathan Shaman, successfully extracted the still-throbbing Essence of an Earth Elemental harvested from the Throat of the World. This Essence was able to stay alive as long as a steady influx of Primal Earth was available to sustain it. Over the next several months, several more Elemental Souls were extraced and various methods of implanting them into a Blackstone Vestiges. Some of these Vestiges were able to sustain the Elemental Essence but had no further use. It was not until early 80 AR that it was decided that both an Elemental Essence and Sophontic Soul would be required to sustain this new form of Formedfolk and allow it life.
Out of the batch of fourty Vestiges, only twenty-eight were successfully Bound with Elemental power. The most successful of these were LifeBound which made up fourteen of the twenty-eight. Records on where these Bound reside, and their tasks, are kept under close watch by the officials of Seawatch.
Being a Bound is required to know this secret.
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General Information

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
Various greatly dependant on Elemental Core.
Average Weight
Between 200 and 800 pounds.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

Hollow Bodies

Like their Blackstone Vestige kin, Bound are constructed to be nearly hollow inside save for the Elemental Soul found at their core. Unlike Vestiges, it is very common for their Elemental nature to fill up their inner shell with Prime, making them fairly dangerous to puncture.


Starting with the same steel and Blackstone shell of their Steelforged kin, Bound have the apparance of knights clad in full-plate given life by an eerie glow. However, as the Sophont and Elemental trapped within the steel Vestige learn to work together the Bound begin to take on an apparance of the element they are attuned to. A StormBound may glow and crackle with lightning or an EarthBound may take upon the appearance of a mountain of stone and steel.

Two Souls, One Frame

With most Bound, the Elemental that is merged into the Vestige is not a willing participate. Because of this, when the Sophontic Soul is added to the Construct both are forced to fight over control of their new steel-clad bodies. As they work together, it becomes possible for them to share ideas and concepts, learning the history of each other. Through this, some Bound have become experts on Planes outside of Ravare.

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