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Golemugice is a study of Artifice focused on the creation, maintenance, and advancement of Golems and related false-life constructs of steel and magic. Originating from the Udirkith of old, Golemugice has a long history of failures and successes that would eventually culminate to the eventual creation of the Blackstone Vestiges. Artificers that pursue Golemugice are seen as a bit more grounded in their work than those that study alchemical or enchantment related studies.

History of Golems

The first Golems of Solith were crafted by the Udirkith thousands of years ago as advanced, mobile forms of autochants. These original Golems, made of crude steel and stone, were very reminiscent of the Totems crafted by the Tuatha but instead of housing an Elemental to give a sense of false-life, Golems are controlled by advance and complicated network of spellcraft.
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---a study of Artifice focused on Golems or related creature-like constructs of steel and magic.

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