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Exarch of Perfection


Fabled to have been carved from the flesh of the Titan Bemyriq, Telia is the marbled Exarch of Beauty, Crafts, Grudges, Marble, Perfection, and Statues. She sits upon her great throne watching over the entirety of the City of Marble. No deeds happen on her marbled streets that she does not know of. Luckily for those that thrive in the dark, she only cares that the deed is done well.
Many believe her to be the gentle side the marble city, but those that live within the City understand that her everpresent gaze and demand for perfection is what drives Argous to keep his city pure. No matter the cost.
Gazing into the mirror, the fresh scar across my face stares back at me. One slip on the marble is all it took. My perfection was gone, and with it, the blessing of my Goddess. Now as the blood drips from my wrists, the only feeling within me is hatred. Not of the Goddess, but of myself.
— Memoirs of a Fallen Angel

Order of Marble

The church of Telia is one of artisans more than clerics. Within her order there is no higher praise than to carve creatures, people, or scenes in marble and offer them to Telia or her Archangels.

Artisan's District

Where others pilgrimage to hidden shrines or anceint tombs to worship their deities, Telia's most holy of places is the Artisan's District within the City of Marble.

General Information

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Goddess of Beauty, Lady of Marble, The White Queen, The Tower, Lady Perfection.
Current Residence
Divine Symbols & Sigils
A woman's face made of marble, free of any emotion.

Quick Notes

  • Created from the corpse of the Titan Bemyriq, Telia has been by Argous side since her birth.
  • Few mortals have been been blessed to stare at the marble form of Telia sitting upon her throne and those that have were changed beyond repair.

Divine Domains

Cleric Domains: Forge.

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