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Wyld Elves are the accursed Elvenkyne bound by madness to The Wyld and its woeful Wyldqueen. They are feared and loathed across Haven as the willful servants of Narti who have worked against sophontic life on Solith since their inception. These Wyld Elves serve as the heart of Narti's Brood and act as her will made manifest in their brutal war against the fortress-city of Wyldkeep and the Briar Elves within. The mutual hatred shared between these two Elvenkyne rivals even that of the First Men and the Udirkith, as their mortal enemy works tirelessly to thwart any attempt to leave the cursed jungle. These Elves may share many similarities with their woodland kin, but their madness has now warped them into savage monsters. Detestable creatures whose feral nature alienates them from civilization as they kill for both simple pleasure and the taste of fresh meat.

Wyld Elf History

The Wyld Elves' history begins with the rise of Narti as the dreaded Wyldqueen, during the final desperate years of the Briar Elves' exodus. In these gruesome years, thousands of Elves perished as Narti turned the full force of The Wyld against those who would not bow in an effort to eradicate from Solith. The Elves who did not escape the Wyldqueen'sattempted genocide were enslaved by The Wyld's maddening influence, as it twisted and broke the minds of even their most willful souls. These maddened savages wield all the ferocity of a wild beast honed by the sharp intellect of their shattered sophontic minds, thus forging an apex predator chosen by the Wyldqueen herself.
In Narti's name, the Wyld Elves organized countless assaults against Wyldkeep, in an effort to spread their cursed jungles influence. Their threat became so dire in the years before The Fall that they represented the greatest threat to all life in Haven. In the wake of The Rebirth of Lady Death and Narti's retreat back into The Wyld, these Elves have all but ceased their border raids. While the defenders of Wyldkeep wait with bated breath, preparing for their inevitable invasion.
Wyld Elves are a non-playable species.

General Information

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Less than 200 years old, reaching maturity at 20.
Average Height
6 to 7 feet tall.
Average Weight
Around 150 pounds.
Wyld Elf Names
Rip, Tear, Rend, Cut, Slice, Smash, Crush, Break, Gash, Pierce, Splinter, Lacerate, Punch, Claw, Pummel, Thrash, Choke, Spear, Hack, Devour, Gouge, Snap, Cleave, Sever, Sunder.

Naming Schemes

The Wyld Elves have some of the most straightforward names on Solith, with each Elf taking the name of their favorite method of slaughter. Though many may share the same name, their scarifications and eerie ability to tell each other apart allows them to recognize one another even in the heat of battle. Thus Wyld Elves often only use their names as battle cries, roaring them out with zeal as they surge from the undergrowth during their terrifying twilight onslaughts.


At first glance, Wyld Elves bare a striking resemblance to Briar Elves, but with a few key differences. These Elvenkyne are remarkably well-built and are easily the most athletic and sturdy of all the Elves. With little more than sharpened sticks and stones at their disposal, Wyld Elves have become the apex predator of The Wyld. They make their horrific attire from the same creatures they slay, creating clothing from cured sheets of skin harvested from both sophonts and beasts alike and fashioning primitive armor from their polished bones. Wyld Elves' see their clothing as symbols of their hunting prowess, with the most prolific among them also tending to be the "best" dressed. The piercings seen among Briar Elves are even more prevalent among their Wyld kin, and it is unheard of for an adult to be completely devoid of them. Because they have the smallest ears of all Elves, they often stretch far more than just their dagger-shaped ears to accommodate their elaborate trophies. Large nose, lip, and brow piercings are just as typical as elaborate ear displays.
Unlike other Elves, they are almost entirely bald and are only capable of growing meager amounts of dark wiry hair. Their tanned complexions make them the darkest skinned of all the Elvenkyne, yet are always marred by countless scars, blemishes, and ornamentations obtained over lifetimes of hardship. Very few Wyld Elves ever survive into their twilight years due to their harsh existence beneath the Wyldwood Trees and their kins habit of eating those weakened by old age or injury. Like all Elves, they bear a striking resemblance with one another that is further complicated by their simplistic naming traditions. Yet they have developed an intrinsic and nearly supernatural ability to identify each other even in the heat of battle.

Sharpened Teeth

The Wyld Elves' most apparent and drastic difference from other Elvenkyne is their teeth, which they intentionally sharpen into jagged points. Upon reaching maturity, they endure an unimaginably painful and grueling process that slowly files their teeth into razor-like points perfect for devouring the flesh of sophonts and beasts. These Elves carefully maintain their teeth, without which they would surely starve.


Little is known about Wyld Elf society and culture due to their isolation from and deep resentment of other sophontic life. From deep within The Wyld, at the heart of Narti's Peak, some semblance of civilized society survives within the shattered minds of the Wyld Elves. Here they construct grand effigies and shrines in the name of their Wyldqueen and act as her footsoldiers in her war against Wyldkeep. Along the front lines, Wyld Elves slaughter Briar Elves as they distort the corrupted land beneath their feet in terrifying displays of Primal Power. Those not crushed or consumed by the jungle are, in turn, devoured by the carnivorous Elves. Many of their kind now treat this hunt as a sport, in which other sophonts are their prized prey. It is unknown whether this consumption of sophontic flesh began due to the scarcity of readily-available, edible food in The Wyld or from some innate benefit gained by the Elves from their entirely carnivorous diet. These abhorrent practices unite the other Elvenkyne of Haven against the Wyld Elves, even though the Peak Elves of Ravenpeak see little difference between the Briar Elves and their wilder cousins.

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