Communal Chiroptera

The Iltog are able to trace their ancestry back as far as the birth of the Udirkith. Their histories state that they were created by Mother Tezit in response to Dwarven expansion into the caves and caverns the Godbeast called home. Despite their fearsome appearance and martial origin, the Iltog have become great diplomats and with a society based around creativity and communal survival. With their enemies fallen to time, they have had generations to expand their cavernous cities and build great relations with the people of the Moorwald.
He unfurled great wings from around his waist, before the massive Iltog dropped from the ceiling roost landing with a soft thud onto the stonework floor. His face reminded me of that of a canine, but with massive ears that allowed him to travel through the darkest caves by sound alone. His bestial ancestry was made obvious by the dark fur covering his hunched, but humanoid shape.

Cavernous Cities

Most Iltog are born, live, and then die within the dark caverns of the Moorwald's many mountain ranges. Protected from the weather by the caves they reside in and with no need for agriculture, their cities are carved from the cavern walls to give room for hanging roosts and storage of good rather than to serve any one individual.

General Information

Mature at 16, retire at 70, and death by 80.
Average Height
Around 5 feet while hunched but most can reach up to 6 when standing straight.
Average Weight
Dense with muscles and sturdy bones the Iltog weigh on average 240 to 260 pounds.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

Cover image: by Logo by Garret Grace Lewis, edited by Oneriwien.


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