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They are the godbeast attempt at establishing peace between beast and man. They, even more so than beastfolk, are agents of their patron godbeast. They live in tribes secluded from the rest of Haven in an ever turbulent tribal hierarchy. Many beastfolk are the children of godbeasts but Nahual are their servants in the world.
— Michael, on Nahual
I also imagine they began as a clandestine way of infiltrating human settlements with some shifters being older than others. I imagine for instance that Ikati being a lion that prowled the ancient grasslands of the solemn expanse was one of the first to create her Nahuali.
— Michael, on Nahual
I think when hamanity got the Primeval Expanse swallowed that was when the godbeasts and their Nahuali distanced themselves from the civilized world and hid themselves away.
— Michael, on Nahual

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