Towering over the other Greenfolk, Ogres are as strong as they are uncivil. Their origin can be traced back to the original "Pure-Blood" programs ran by their Troll leaders. Through the use of careful breeding, magic, and alchemical experimentation over several generations the Trolls were able to breed perfect labor animals. Ogres are smart enough to work but dumb enough to be wrangled in groups. After the Trolls were eradicated, Ogres were left to find a new place in the world.
Still as intellectually dampened as their ancestors, modern Ogres have far more freedom. Many choose to group up in "Ogrehomes" across the Parched Expanse but Ogrehomes have been spotted across most of Haven. Those that stick to general civilization are often employed as laborers.
Ogres be like uhnions. Coz' they smell bad and have several layers uhg thick hide to protect them from pointy things. Sadly, unlike uhnions, you can't sell the damn things to Mohrites.
Snog, Glinterhole Pitboss

General Informat

Genetic Ancestor(s)
An ogre takes around 20 years to fully develop but can live for as long as 120.
Average Height
Old-Blud Ogres can grow up to 14 feet tall.
Sand-Blud Ogres can grow up to only 12.
Average Weight
Often over 2,000 pounds of pure muscle.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


Ogres come in two major subspecies, with a third slowly growing. The first, Old-Blud, are the original oversized Greenfolk bred by the Trolls. Over time, a second group known as Sand-Blud have grown in number. They are smaller and tend to live far away from civilization. The third group that is being carefully mainted are the Wet-Blud, a group of soon-to-be semi-aquatic Ogres bred around Drudge.


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