The original Greenfolk and bearers of the Mohnagi curse. After surviving several dozen generations within the Parched Expanse, Orcish culture is that of stubborn pride and cruel practices. Natural leaders, many Orcs believe if it were not for their green skin and menacing appearance they would be the true rulers of Haven after the fall of the First Men.

Leaders of the Mohnagi

With a culture still steeped in the ways of the First Men, Orcs have become the leaders of most Mohnagi settlements and militaries. The most notable feature of an Orcish leader is their complete inability to accept defeat no matter the situation. This unyielding behaviour may be the very reason why any settlements of the Parched Expanse still remain.

Champions of the Desert

All Orcs are forced into the military at the age of 12. This law has formed their species into military masterminds able to compete with even the most scheming knights of Shardholm. This forced inscription does little to help with the stereotype that all Orcs are just brutish warriors looking for the next war to start.


Standing an impressive seven feet tall on average, and weighing in at nearly 300 pounds, Orcs often use their size to bully the smaller Greenfolk into submission. Orcs come in a variety of shades of green from a near vibrant lime to an unsaturated olive depending on their family heritage. Holding true to their First Men origin, Orcs are able to build muscle at an accelerated rate allowing them to maintain their hulking presence with little effort. There is a notable lack of sexual dimorphism within the Orcish species that once lead to the belief that all Orcs were in-fact just a single-sex.

War Trophies

Orcs of the Parched Expanse adorn themselves with trophies from their various battles. These are commonly the hide or bones of those they have slain, including other sophonts. It is said that an Orc that wears the bones of the slain gains some of their power. Many find these trophies to be gruesome in appearance.

General Information

Genetic Descendants
Most make it to 40, maturing at 14.
Average Height
Around 7 feet.
Average Weight
260 to 280 pounds.

Notable NPCs

Notable Divine

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