Marati (/mar:ah:tih/)


The Marati are land-bound Monkeyfolk prolific across every island in the Sea of Brass and beyond on Marus. They are described as humanoid howler monkeys with distinct faces framed by their long earthen hair. This distinct fur is often braided or styled into intricately woven designs that utilize its naturally durable and resilient properties while dry. This hair is a boon and a bane to the Marati as the direct reason for their unique relationship around water. When wet, Marati fur loses its metal-like surface and becomes pliable but also as cumbersome as if it were made of lead. This has given all of the Monkeyfolk a supernatural discomfort for the sea and perhaps rightly so... for how many of their kin have disappeared beneath the waves? How many choked screams were dragged down into the inky depths? The seas were no friend to the children of Draxis, the Monkey King. Yet the islands of Marus could not deny the children of the raging godbeast their place among them. These Monkeyfolk serve as the backbone of civilization on Marus and their hands toil in every city and port across the Realm of Seas. Some might even say that no island would truly be complete without the eccentricities and chaotic spark brought in by its resident Marati tribe.
Marati cultures are much like their hair. They are either as malleable and free-flowing as the nomads, who seek experience in new and often alien environments, or as strong and unmoving as the steel-like ridged hierarchies of their more tribal counterparts. Whether a Marati chooses to live as a carefree nomad or as a secure tribal they live, above all else, as Draxis can not:


— Excerpt from Gullimen's Travels, a Guide of Cultures on Marus


The Marati share very little unifying culture among their many branching tribes, with each one featuring its own blend of customs and madness. They do share the adament belief that Draxis is innocent of the crime for which Volcanar judged him guilty and imprisoned him in Juhnmuk Prison. Any self-respecting Marati would proudly declare that the Monkey King did nothing wrong and deserves his immediate freedom... yet that is all they can agree on. Why Draxis is innocent or even what crime he was accused of committing is a matter of much contention and debate.
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General Information

25 to 50 years old, reaching maturity at 5 years.
Average Height
4 to 5 feet tall.
Average Weight
300 to 500 pounds.
Geographic Distribution
Related Organizations
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Marati Naming Scheme

Marati names are often shared and made up of guttural syllables and choppy cadences. Most Monkeyfolk additionally choose a nickname to go by rather than their given name to differentiate themselves from the tribe.
Given Names
Harata, Jakata, Fujioka, Ruxpin, Murdock, Jumana, Akamaru, Noken, Jak-Jak, Haloka, Chawworra, Morikami, Ichimura.
Harry, Giggles, Jack, Rocky, Climber, Banjo, Nod, Munky.

Water-Leadened Hair

Marati grow a full-body coat of fur on all but their face, hands, and feet. This coarse hair comes in a variety of earthy hues and is as hard as steel when dry, even able to retain its shape as some kind of makeshift armor. Yet it turns into a leaden clay mess when introduced to water, becoming immensely heavy yet posable as it dries.

Prehensile Tail

All Marati possess a third hand! Or at least an opposable tail that works close enough like one, capable of supporting their entire body weight though unable to manage real fine manipulation.


Reeee'keee'eeeek is the Marati's native tongue and is a screeching language composed of howling sounds that vary widely in pitch and frequency. It is one of the easiest languages to learn on Marus and popular across the Sea of Brass.

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Feb 15, 2024 22:12 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I would never go near water if I were Marati. Terrifying.   I kind of love that the only thing they agree on is 'Draxis did nothing wrong'.

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