Passarins (/paa:ssarr:in/)


The Passarins are pioneering Peguinfolk hailing from the growing ice sheet in The Stillness on Marus. They are described as towering flightless avians resembling penguins with vibrant orange or yellow plumage around their chests. Their flightless wings have limited prehensile action, allowing them to grasp objects, but they are also known for using their ambidextrous taloned feet for delicate tasks. Their sleek feathers, supple muscles, and flipper-like wings allow these creatures to swim effortlessly through the waves like a bird soars through the skies. These sophontic penguins once supplied half the Realm with food from Marus' fish-rich southern waters. That was until Caydon Rel ascended and this region began to suffer yearly temperature drops until even the sea froze over. Now, these proud mariners battle with nature to melt the ice and open up their fishing grounds once more. Their grand capital of Parin, and the few cities like it, sit within steamy lagoons kept warm by smoldering embers warring with the icy waters of the Penguin's Folly. They harvest, cultivate, and purchase cargo holds full of Primal Fire from across Marus. To be shipped back to The Stillness in specialized vessels, where it is unceremoniously cast into the sea to keep their cities warm and fight back the frigid power freezing these ancestral waters.
Where the Cascarns keep the lifeblood of Marus flowing, it is we Passarins who bleed Caydon Rel's accursed realm like a proverbial gaping wound. We pour Primal Fire into the depths of The Stillness he brings to our ancestral wayers. An act of wanton abandon that just slows the inevitable icing over of all the southern water in the Realm of Seas.
— Passarin Bone Caster


The Passarins begin their lives in small clutches within the ruined wonders of Kaelia. They bathe under the glow of the First Lighthouse's false sun and share a sense of unity in their Kaelic origins. These natural mariners once fed half the Realm with their bounty of fish but they have spent the last several generations desperately attempting to stave off the ever worsening chill permeating the southern waters of Marus. Though many Passarins harbor a disdain or even hatred for Caydon Rel, they make for skilled Gifted and experienced cultivators of Natural Treasures. Passarins may travel far and wide but each one holds a deep belief that what they do is for the betterment of their people and their ancestral home.
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General Information

20 to 30 years old, reaching maturity at 4 years old.
Average Height
7 to 9 feet tall.
Average Weight
110 to 200 pounds.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

Passarin Naming Scheme

Passarin names are purpose driven and rooted in a Penguinfolk's future. Their first names are almost always no more than two syllables and past down through family lines. They choose an additional name when they come of age to represent their coming path through life.
Male Names
Zyl, Kepua, Iwana, Haku, Kamala, Makanui, Akua, Koa, Nawai.
Female Names
Ihe, Kalani, Momi, Kimi, Mana, Kalua, Pua, Lihua, Aolani.
Purpose Names
The Lightseeker, The Coldseer, The Greenheart, The Bricklayer, The Mapmaker, The Fogcaller, The Dockmaster, The Kinslayer, The Circlebreaker.

Kaelic Blessings

All Passarin are born on the shores of ruined Kaelia, basking in its false sun's warm glow where they learn to swim and gain their artic resistance.

Primal Sealocation

A Passarin knows the seas like a wine connoisseur knows their vintages. When entirely submerged and swimming through water they are innately aware of its Primal makeup and any corruptions that may be present within natural or otherwise.


Guinese is the Passarins' native tongue and is an ancient language utilizing their unique full-bellied vocalizations. These chirping calls are individually identifiable and unreplicatable by other people.

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