Yiptin (jɪp'tɪn)


The coyote Beastfolk of Hallus.
We were here when their engineers first came to draw power from our sun.
We will be here when their corpses huddle together, frozen, under the dead sun.
And we will be here when the sun is reborn again.
— Elder Lost Tooth


  • Oldest Beastfolk on Hallus.
  • Thrived on the land, primarily avoiding fire elementals.
  • When humans arrived, lived on the outskirts to learn from them.


  • Though the Yiptin did not build mechanical monuments such as the Great Engine or the Maw of Purgatory, they developed alongside the Manfolk and Faefolk.
  • Joined civilization but generally stayed on the outskirts, traveling around from city to city in packs.
  • Focused on keeping their old tales alive through folk stories and song.


  • Managed to fair better than most others because of their collective knowledge of times before power.
  • Scavengers, vault-raiders, and story tellers.
  • Believe the sun will reignite as soon as the Manfolk finally leave.

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