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Gorshian Death Rites

"Death begins in life, in Gorshi. Wherever we can, we prepare the soul to be caught and bound back into the body in death—that means having someone on hand to do the binding."

"You make me put on the stupid death veil every time I go to bed! Let my ghost haunt you, you morbid bastards! It's a cough, not the death!"

Gorshian death rites are done in preparation of the next phase of a Gorshian's life: their undead duty as Revenant. They are dressed in enchanted ceremonial enchanted clothing and brought to rest in the Chapel of the Skyward Plea, where Crow and Guile watch over them until they are healthy... or deceased.

The rites can be done on anyone of any age. While the sick and infirm are not required to do it, there is immense social pressure to do so—it's a mark of shame upon your family to have anyone become a geist because they were not properly prepared for death.


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Important Tools

Death Shroud
A hood inset with Soul Binders that will capture the spirit into the skull on death, turning them into a Revenant Grimoire.
Embalming Kit
Nobody likes a rotting Revenant. An enbalming kit is required to dissicate and preserve the corpse, and to wrap them in all the ceremonial bandages and enchantments required to keep them operational.
Familial Markings
Clothing and jewelry to help keep the revenenats identity grounded in who they once were

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