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Gorshians are the natives of Gorshi—a city north of the winding Vien passage. As with any Saumaian, they have been moulded by the dangers of their region, which include a particularly high density of Geists, several invasive species of Abomination, and growths of Vampire Vine.

Gorshians live in preparation of death and the service that comes with it. This is because, upon their death, the The King of Limbs takes their bodies and SoulBinds them into Revenant.

Gorshians differ from most Saumaians in the way that the King of Limbs gives them a sense of hope and duty, even if part of that duty is in death and in caring for the dead Revenants who protect the city.

Gorshian culture is a death cult, but I cannot condemn them for it. The spirit of this world is death—they make their peace with it in whatever way they can.



"Keep your body—it will be keeping your family long after your mind has gone."

"There is no end, only the moments in which we can breathe a little lighter."

—What are Mantra?


Gorshian fashion is to wear heirlooms of previous generation's clothing—usually heirlooms such as jewelry, beads, and jackets, as well as braided leather bracelets made by their ancestors as children.

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