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Written by Ademal

Mantras are phrases which reflect a character's beliefs. They weave together to form a portrait of the characters morality and personality.

Mantras in Culture

Due to the ubiquity of Yantra, most people within Ethnis have a collection of Mantras which they live by.

They often repeat these short phrases to reinforce or clarify their thinking, and many even hold superstitious beliefs around the strength of them.

A Mantra is a spell all your own, part of your true name which brings forward that aspect of yourself when you need it the most. To figure out your Mantras is to gain power over yourself, to become more yourself.
— A Witch

What's in a Mantra?

And how to make your own

A Mantra should be a simple phrase, a single sentence of perhaps 100 characters, which can broadly apply to many situations.   It should not have any stipulations, unnecessary clauses, or caveats. There should be a poetry in its simplicity—a single core belief to its intent.


Question the sacred
Life is beautiful because it is varied
Be worth the fruit of your labors

Ethnis Lite

Whenever you do something which you think fulfills one of your Mantras, bring it up to the Narrator. If they agree, the Mantra is used up until your next rest, and you may refresh one of your Abilities.

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Author's Notes

100 Days of Ethnis

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Apr 28, 2019 14:17 by Matthieu A.

What a cool way of making the players think about their character's personality and beliefs. I love it! Can't wait to see how this translates into the RPG system.

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