100 Days of Ethnis

Comment below with what you'd like to see us work on during this Project!

Hello Ethnisians!

  We are doing a #100DaysOfEthnis2019 challenge as part of The 100 Day Project!   Each day, both Barron and Ademal shall be posting an article each to social media. Each will get about an hour of attention from each of us, and some might be a more fleshed out than others!   But we need your help.   Comment below with a topic you would like to see at least a short article on, and Barron or Ademal will add it to our to-do lists. Depending on your Backer or Archivist level (whichever is the higher) you may post a certain number of requests!  
  • Everyone may post 1
  • Layman and Archivists may post 2
  • Adept, Chancellors and Regents may post 3
  • Masters may post 5
  Let us know what you want us to read about, or leave a question you'd like answered!  
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And then May came along and we decided to merge our efforts and do the last 70 alternating instead of 70 each so we could focus on other development!


  • FPF Logo art (Matthieu A.)
  • Book of Sommes (Dejers Garth)
  • Daughters of Anthem (Xanthuss)
  • Selschaeus (Dark Unity) (Damion Otter)
  • The Great Tate (DreamMaker)
  • Desire's Heist (DreamMaker)
  • The Fringe(geography) (Damion Otter)
  • Sorrows (Damion Otter)
  • Path of the Rajhska (Glorix)
  • Aeolamen (Anna Elizabeth Boyett)
  • Gleam
  • Crucible Core
  • Crucible Shell
  • Crucible Shard
  • Somnacy Dreamer
  • The Crucible of Eden
  • The Ion Curtain of Eden
  • Nege Crooning Birds
  • The Pillars
  • Aspirant
  • The Order of Aspirants
  • Varieties of Copyright (Glorix)
  • Atheists

  • Comments

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    5 Apr, 2019 02:50

    I cast my vote for an article about Gleam here. The name sounds interesting to me and I cant wait to read it!

    5 Apr, 2019 02:52

    Glad you want to read it! But what I meant is that you can ask for any topic to be Added to the list! :)   So if there's any questions you've been having, this is your chance to ask!

    5 Apr, 2019 15:25

    Woopsies! Completely missed this mention! If we are talking about topics, then i would say something a bit more military-esque . Maybe the military strength of the banners, their equipment and such. Personally i am a HUGE fan of military sci fi and science fantasy and would love to see at least a short article on them!

    5 Apr, 2019 16:32

    Language article request on birth/creation of saza and how the Hiserabi started the slide sideways out of bondage or something like that. Phrase in Saza "Xxx xxx" = "Hiserabi shall Rise..." High Tone (The place without want and bereft of ignorance), Flat Tone (There is no ceiling ), Low Tone (Watch out below), Lost Tone (Betrayal???).

    7 Apr, 2019 06:13

    Saza Chitter (and the formation of it) added to my list!

    5 Apr, 2019 23:37

    First vote cast for the Aeolamen :D

    7 Apr, 2019 06:07

    Added to my list! Will respond and tag you when it's done.

    5 Apr, 2019 23:56

    Daughters of Anthem, Daughters of Anthem . . . . *fades away still chanting*

    7 Apr, 2019 06:21

    Added to my list!

    6 Apr, 2019 00:58

    I'd be interested in reading more about the Sommes. It seems like such a cool concept that I'd love to know more about!

    7 Apr, 2019 06:21

    Added to my list!

    6 Apr, 2019 19:54

    Apple of Purity = Minds without Masters, Bodies without Burden, Souls without Servitude. Do not pity us or think we are missing out on what you perceive as the core of Hedon's joy. There can be no consent without knowledge. We seek the fortitude to free ourselves from pain, engage in curiosity to take us out of need and steep ourselves in knowledge that will lead us towards tranquillity. We can enjoy life, it is just our focus is on the present just over the horizon. You are free to join us on our journey at any time :).

    6 Apr, 2019 23:36

    I'd love to hear about stations around WayPoints :)

    7 Apr, 2019 06:23

    I've added the Perdurian Way Station! It'll be linked here when it's done! Thanks for the suggestion.

    7 Apr, 2019 16:46

    Looking forward :D

    7 Apr, 2019 17:23


    7 Apr, 2019 03:35

    Selschaeus (Sell-SHAY-Uss), commonly known as Dark Unity, is the corrupted form of Schaeus (Unity)
    — Selschaeus (Dark Unity)
    While this is already an article, I would love an overview of what it means "mechanically".  
    Error 404.
    — Sorrows
    This is an article but has nothing written. The House weeps, but not in a good way.  
    Read more about the other worlds(Soon.)
    — Introduction to Ethnis
    I want to know more about fringe, nearly dead planets. Maybe just some examples of what one can find on the edge of space. Is it like Firefly with it's western aesthetic or more like Star Trek with just some really weird shit? Or better yet, is it like Warhammer 40K where the edge of space is the edge of sanity.  
    Read more about Kinds(Soon.)
    — Introduction to Ethnis
    If you haven't guessed it, I want mechanics prep work on Ethnis. I want to get people hyped up about these things. None of these pages need to be expansive but it would be a wonderful start!  
    Read more about Tribes(Soon.)
    — Introduction to Ethnis
    I'm still not sure I know what tribes are. I want to.

    7 Apr, 2019 15:20

    1. Somolet Bleakheart, maybe with some fluff from the number one Bleakheart power couple. 2. The Raksha religion. 3. The toasty Sheljt Raj, the brunt boi. 4. Uhh... Verin shoes? Like how do they work? Do they have like a massive wedge in the back to support their weird deer feets? 5. Detailed explanation on copyright laws and how they effect media for our modern age.

    15 Apr, 2019 04:59

    Added to the list (with some modifications of focus to broaden some of them)

    7 Apr, 2019 21:49

    For my 2nd suggestion, I ask that the Mont Saint-Michel Shampain Glamoured-Champagne is brought to life

    15 Apr, 2019 05:00

    Added to the list!

    8 Apr, 2019 15:45

    1. A majestic biography of His Starchiness, The Great Tate. 2. The greatest prank pulled across the Ethnis Universe. 3. Chain food restaurant franchises. (Haimarchy Hamburgers, The Applebees of Hedon, Papa Soms Pizza, International House of Weeping Pancakes, etc).

    15 Apr, 2019 05:23

    Great Tate, Desire's Heist, and Dartesi's Diner added to the list!

    8 Apr, 2019 16:16

    Final request: The best Tea in Ethnis... True Tea... Not Tisanes, but actual Tea made from Camellia Sinensis.... Did it survive this long? How's it changed? Who drinks it? How do the other sophonts feel abotu it (because obviously it's a human thing). Better yet: What are other Sophont's own equivalents to Tea?

    15 Apr, 2019 05:11

    Added to the list!

    15 Apr, 2019 02:02

    My last and final suggestion goes to the FPF's article headers !

    15 Apr, 2019 05:10


    23 Apr, 2019 09:25

    I'm thinking of an character article about one of the higher-ups like a monarchy of an empire. Hope you respond and I am reading a lot more about Ethnis than I used to! (I requested this because I'm a history fanatic and I know a thing or two about monarchies!)

    25 Apr, 2019 08:04

    Good idea! I'll add it. Where all did you come in from btw?

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