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Witchcraft is the space where metaphysics and superstition overlap in a realm of troubling plausibility. It is a system of traditions that shifts from tribe to tribe, person to person, and it is foolish to write off in a universe where so much is unknown, and strange, where there are so many known variables that can make what would impossible under any other circumstance entirely true within a specific moment.

Pinning down a definition of witchcraft in the modern dialect, no matter how far we've advanced in language and understanding of realms inner and outer, is impossible. By its nature witchcraft seems to explore and live within the undefined, to construct its phonetics in the synesthesiac instead of of spoken.

Witchcraft is not a religion. It is not a culture. It is not a people. It is a movement of minds acting disparately in a poetry that is maddening and enlightening.

I had this ship before, the Yelta Sai, big, beautiful cargo vessel. The guy who sold it to me told me not to mess with the hiserabi cult that lived in the back of the ship. Told me to keep them fed and happy and I'd have the best ship in the line.

Well, I did that. Stuck my head in the cargo room they lived in a couple times, saw they were worshiping an old skeleton in a flight suit, had it all bedecked in jewels and flowers, and decided I didn't want anything to do with that. In the ten years I owned that ship I was one of the fastest ships on the line. I took stock all the parts on board and I shouldn't have gone that fast, so thank whatever dead god they were worshipping down there.

— Krankheu the Pirate


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