Calving Day

A traditional Karoveki coming of age ceremony.

Upon their fifteenth year, Karoveki folk participate calving day as a coming of age celebration. This tradition dates back to as early as the Dark Age and involves the ceremony of helping birth the calves of Karoveki bulls into the world.  

New Life

Folks are guided by farmers during the calving process so that it's done properly, and during the tradition tales are told using metaphors of how the young innocent calf enters the world weak and fragile but with affection and encouragement will grow to be strong workers providing for the Karoveki people, or masterful fighters defending the land that raised them.  


The act of bringing life into the world is a mark of becoming a responsible adult. As the bearer pulls the blood soaked calf into the world they witness the reality and hardship of life (especially if they came from a sheltered upbringing so far).   When the calf is named, so the folk is named an adult and be treated as such and take part in adult responsibilities and activities as they please.


As calving season is in spring time starting on the equinox on Falday 20th Dawnturn each year. As not all folks in Karovek are born in this time, it means that some people can be fifteen years of age, or even sixteen, and still not be deemed as an adult until they have taken part in their calving day.   Upon the completion of the calving, each person is given an ornate drinking horn as a mark of recognition.


Following the calving ceremony, the celebrants get cleaned up and changed into practiformal clothes ready for a shared buffet feast and an evening of dancing, games, and the thorough use of their new drinking horns.
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Those children that have to wait till 16 simple becasue of their birth day must be slightly frustrated, and that is a great detail to add when making celebrations based on reproductive cycles. I love it :)

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