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Coming of Age for Humans and the Verant Rite

The Verant Rite

When a human child turns 15, it's customary that they join a guardian for work outside the town walls. While work outside the walls is generally dangerous because of the creatures that roam the wilds, the appointed guardian is always a veteran in their field. In addition, they usually stay in relatively close proximity to the town. When the child returns, they are officially considered adults in the eyes of society, and a celebration is held shortly after, often incorporating whatever the new adult returns home with.   Most commonly, the work they join for is usually hunting, foraging, or salvaging - though other occupations are also sometimes used, such as mining or tree cutting. For the most part, this is an entirely private affair, and the appointed guardian is a a family member or friend of the family. However, there is also a public program for those whom might not have the right contacts, or would prefer not using the people they know personally. Children might go alone with their appointed guardian, or in groups.   During the Verant, the children are taught not just how to do the job, but also the importance of it. Many children will do the same work as adults, but a lot of them will not. However, the rite is supposed to also teach them an understanding of working life in general, and instill a bit of respect for the work other people do.   The age is not a hard rule, and in times of need, or if the child is considered mature for their age, they might do the rite of passage earlier. In times of plenty, or in some rare cases as a punishment by their parents, they might do it at an age beyond 15.  

Entering adulthood

Once an adult in the eyes of society, the human is allowed to have an occupation and work. On the other hand, children are allowed to help out with work, or do minor jobs such as running messages or babysitting, but it's illegal to have children do hours of labour. A new adult gets to start building their own life as they see fit. In addition to being allowed to work, they're also under their own rule and responsibility - however, their parents or legal guardians are required by law to help them get into working life.   A new adult will often go into the occupation of one of their family members, but occasionally they will find other work either through their talents and abilitiies, or their personal interests.

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