Coming of Age Ceremony

I was really nervous before the ceremony. But it gave me the confidence to tackle life outside of the orphanage. The money helped too of course, but what Valentin said then helped me get through the hard times.
— An orphan
  A ceremony conducted by the caretakers for every orphan at eighteen. It is a ritual with a common protocol, but each caretaker adds their own touch to it and often personalizes the verbal blessings to the specific charge currently undergoing the ritual.

Ceremonial Room

The ritual usually takes place in a room specifically used for the ceremony. Each orphanage has its own room, but they share some common features. These rooms are large enough to house all the orphans of the orphanage. The room also contains some kind of flame generator. This can be a magical, alchemical or technological contraption. The generator is often in the center of the room or in a prominent position to ensure that everyone in the room can see it.   The caretaker decorates and designs the room as they wish. Influenced by the culture of the place it is situated it.


The orphans and the caretaker all enter the room together. Once within the room, all the orphans sit down around the flame generation device.   The orphan drinks a flame immunity potion for the ceremony. Then they enter the dragon flames. While they stand in the flames, the caretakers give them their last personal blessing. After the orphans emerge from the flames, the caretaker hands them their Dragon Bone Talisman.   The younger orphans often observe the ceremony.
Run by
Observed by
Dragon Loyalist Orphanages
Flame Immunity Potion
Flame Generator
Dragon Bone Talisman

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