Dragon Loyalists

The Children of the Dragon

A small network of individuals connected by their loyalty to Cassidy. Loyalist can persue their own goals, but will happily drop them if Cassidy requires it from them. Some are always in direct service to her or are in a position that she asked them to hold. Over the centuries many factions have been created by the loyalists. The vast majority of loyalists have a specific unique ability. The diversity of the faction is one of its key strengths.   Members can be identified by their dragon tattoos. These unqiue markings ensure that nobody can pass themselves off as a loyalist without Cassidy's approval.

The Seven Sorcerers

The loyalists have no real hierarchy. All members have the same rights and follow orders made by Cassidy. Otherwise they request each others assistance and reinburse any support or negotiate for something of equal value. The exception to this are the seven loyalists who have the title Dragon Sorcerer. They are the key pillars of Cassidy's influence in the world and she expects any loyalist to suppor them as needed.

Becoming A Loyalist

Loyalists can only be acknowledged by Cassidy herself and in the early days only people she scouted could become loyalists. As the organization and world population has grown over the millenia this became unsustainable. Now all loyalists are permitted to scout potential loyalists and induct them as a loyalist supporter. After a year or more and review by Cassidy they can be accepted as a full loyalist should they have proven themselves trustworthy and useful.

New York City

This amazing city is our home. Its diversity and influnce on the world mirrors ourself. We can hide in the masses or shine above them.
— A loyalist.
Cassidy has lived in New York City for several decades now. She still travels to many other places every year, but the city is the center of her life. In the time since then many loyalists have moved there and factions related to them have refocused their attention.

Internal Conflicts

Most loyalists have their own agenda that they attempt to achieve. In some cases, the agendas of two or more loyalists clashes as they cannot both be achieved. This can cause conflcts within the faction. These conflict are rare, but can have a great impact.   Cassidy herself rarely gets involved so long as no loyalist is harmed directly. This means that these conflcts are fought with proxies and focus on financial and legal means.


You realize we call them dragon loyalists for a reason, right? They will never betray her. It has never happened. These people can't be swayed with anything!
— Some diplomat to his superior
  The dragon loyalists are highly respected by most other factions. However, this respect gives individual loyalists only a boost in their initial contact. In a short amount of time, the reputation built by that individual becomes more important.   Dragon loyalists themselves have very different views of each faction depending on their background. Many loyalists for saved by Cassidy from another faction. This faction is then often on thing ice and many loyalists have at least attempted to get back at them for past grievances with their newfound power.   Cassidy urges all her loyalists to not seek revenge, but instead build positive relationships with others. Often, loyalists relocate after their ascension for a new start.   The dragon hunter's are a very small, but fanatic faction within the guild. As their goal is to kill the last dragon, they often target loyalists with acts of sabotage and subterfuge. An open conflict would not end well for them.
There was not always just one dragon. Long ago the dragons ruled the world.  

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