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Dragon Loyalists

Children of the Dragon

A ancient faction with enormous influence around the world. Loyalists can be found in many different places and organizations. In recent years many of them have moved to New York City as that is where Cassidy spends most of her time. She is what connects all of the loyalists to each other.

Mission Statements

Orphans, outcasts and fugitives can be found everywhere in the world. Without families or friends, they have no place to call home. Often hunted or persecuted for who they are. This is our mission. To give them a home. To be their family. To care for them. And to give them purpose in this cruel world.
— Caretaker Dario Kremi
A very long time ago the dragons ruled this world. Their power is unfathomable to us. As the only surviving member of her species Cassidy gave us a mission. To protect and preserve the legacy of her kind. For many centuries have we collected and protected the remains of the majestic dragons. We need to ensure that their legacy is not used for evil and their bones are not desecrated.
— Professor Nawaar al-Farran
The dragons will rise again. It is our mission to ensure that they will. The dragons are the true masters of this world and they will bring peace to it. The prophecy does not say how or when exactly it will happen, but we must not lose faith that it will.
— Priest Judy Nelson
Original Seven Sorcerers
Founding Date
6000+ years ago
Founding Location
Northern Mesopotamia
Total Members
Membership Mark
Dragon Tattoos

Ranks & Titles

The faction has a very flat hierarchy giving each member the same standing. Only Cassidy herself and the seven sorcerers can give orders to other loyalists that will be followed. Other loyalists follow the ranks and hierarchies of the client organizations they are a part of. Loyalists not part of any organization might still help out another loyalist as a favour, but they are not obligated to do so. Though unless a request or favour is very unreasonable they are very likely to try their best to help out their fellow loyalist.

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Client Organizations

At the core of the power of loyalists are the individuals who lead or own powerful organizations with a lot of influence, wealth or soft power. These organizations usually cooperate with each other in various ways. This cooperation sometimes gets tested when the goals of two loyalists get in conflict with each other. In the worst cases Cassidy herself will intervene to prevent organizations destroying each other.

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Faction Relations

The dragon loyalists are well known amongst most other factions. Conflict with them is largely a thing of the past as the loyalists have established themselves as a neutral force that nobody should mess with. All of these conflicts ended in a clear victory for the loyalists and only in a few cases did Cassidy intervene.  
The Hunter's Guild is no longer our enemy. Many of us had trouble with them before we became loyalists but now they leave us alone as they don't want to anger the dragon.
We are cooperating with the NYPD in many cases to ensure the city remains peaceful. I personally assist Detective Monroe in his duties with the Supernatural Crimes Squad.

Dragon Lore

Learn more about the dragons from Professor Nawaar al-Farran. She is the leading expert on everything dragon!

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