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The most evolved species until the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. All dragons died out with the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago. The dragons were the dominant species of the time. They had evolved mystical powers and enormous sizes. These mystical powers echo into modern times through the fossils and preserved dragon bones.   In the past Dragons had ruled the world. They were present in every corner of the world. Their powers could help them adapt to any kind of habitat. They could use their mystical powers to strengthen their flesh and to project an aura of dominance and fear. Their mere presence would keep their prey in shock.  

The Last Dragon

I awakened from my slumber into a new world. I don't know for how long I slept, but the air had cleared up and the world was teeming with life once more. And yet I was all alone.
The dragons could sense that their end was near. As the meteorite approached the world, they gathered to protect their strongest brood mother and her egg. The meteorite finally hit the world it changed the climate drastically. This change slowly but certainly killed off all the dinosaurs and many other animals.   At first, the dragons were optimistic they could adapt to this change as they have done so many times before. Their numbers began to dwindle as many starved to death with their primary prey going extinct with them. It was a slow process over several centuries. Too late they realized that it was not just hunger that killed them.   The meteorite had brought a substance into the air which was poisonous to the dragons. Once they realized this they put the brood mother and her last eggs into a long hibernation. Protecting them from this poisonous air. The dragons put all their power into this effort and sacrificed all their lives for it.  

A New Era

I wish I could feel anger over their deaths. At the humans for slaughtering them. But I just feel sorrow as I am now truly alone.
And yet the eggs did not survive undamaged. The younglings hatching from them were not quite right. They had lost their connection to the dragon heart and their sense of self. They were mere beasts. And although some of these young dragons survived and had children, they were never the same. The brood mother attempted to protect her children and guide them through this new time. Maybe even rekindle their connection with their Dragon self. But all her efforts were in vain. It was humankind that put an end to their pityful existence.   The last of these Dragons was slain by a dragon hunter at the end of the world at the southern-most tip of South America.
Supernatural Dinosaur
Geographic Distribution
Average Height
30 - 40m
Average Weight
10 - 20t
Average Length
50 - 60m
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14 Nov, 2020 22:41

Ohh this is really fascinating. I particularly love that they lost most of their sentience and became beasts.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
14 Apr, 2021 06:45

Great article! Dragons and dinosaurs go well together and I like the idea of some of them sleeping for millennia to only wake in our time. And I like that it caused all the new babies to lose their sentience. I expect that Cassidy is still alive and all alone now? How do people react to her sine they've only known dragons as wild beasts?

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14 Apr, 2021 07:00

Thank you for your comment! I see you keep the comments coming even beyond the challenge :)   As for Cassidy. I should get around to actually write her article. She is alone yeah, but keeps company with humans. Many thousand years ago she transformed into human form with the help of a bunch of sorcerers as humans kept trying to kill her as well.   So today she focuses on preserving her brethrens remains via the society

Society of Dragonic Paleontology
Organization | Jun 23, 2022

A society founded to find and secure dragon bones.

  And she collects and gives a home to outsiders and other outcasts with special abilities or supernatural creatures which are the last or only one of their kind.

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14 Apr, 2021 08:08

Very nice article! I love that they were with so many before the extinction event and fully sapient. The fact that then the children of the last dragon became the stories of the human myths is a nice addition as well!   Was the substance in the meteorite only poisonous to the dragons or were other creatures impacted as well?   Found a small typo 'pray' instead of 'prey' :) In all cool article!

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14 Apr, 2021 09:18

Thanks for your comment! I didn't think about the poison too much. I just added it because I thought just the meteorite wouldn't be enough to kill all the dragons. So I'll just leave that unknown. Since everyone except Cassaidy is dead anyway.

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