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It has been an arduous and lonely journey, but I am glad that I have made it to this day. I have made many great friends over the last few thousand years. Humans can be very strange, but many of them are very kind and welcoming. They just need a little help sometimes.
— Cassidy
She is the last Dragon to survive into modern times. She is believed to be the oldest living being in the world. Her overwhelming power and authority make her feared and respected by all who know of her. Since the fall of the Veil, she has become known throughout the world as she and the Loyalists have left their mark on the world. She enjoys spending time with the people she has bonded with and exploring places to find those who need her help. She regards all humans as children due to the vast difference in age and experience, but still treats them with respect most of the time. She only interferes in other people's affairs when it could negatively affect those closest to her. She is fiercely protective and will do anything to keep them safe.


She is a very lonely dragon. Humans can help fill this void to some extent. For this reason, she always tries to form bonds with people she finds interesting. Her interest is peaked by special skills and abilities. She places a special focus on orphans and outcasts. People who do not have a place to call home. She rectifies this by sending them to an orphanage of the Children of Cassidy Society, or by asking them to join the loyalists.


Cassidy has a human and a dragon form. She can not freely switch between the two. A powerful ritual undertaken by seven powerful sorcerers is responsible for transforming Cassidy into human form. She was able to retain most of her draconic powers through the transformation. She can break the transformation and return to her dragon from, but then the ritual would have to be renewed to once again turn her into a human. She retains the human form to more easily fit into human society.

Dragon Form

Wings. That is really what I miss the most. Or more, the flying that comes with them. You never feel as free when you can roar through the sky with the power of your own wings.
— Cassidy
A form which Cassidy has not assumed in several thousand years. No one alive today knows how Cassidy used to look like.

Human Form

Cassidy has the appearance of a woman in her late thirties. She has clear, slightly tanned skin and long brown hair. Over the millennia, she has become quite comfortable in her human form and has adopted various quirks and mannerisms. For the most part, she likes to dress functionally, with just a shirt, trousers, and flats. She knows how to use her appearance to play with the expectations of those with whom she interacts. She has a team of skilled stylists, designers, and make-up artists on retainer to give her the look for any situation. This could be dressing as a teenager to fly under the radar, as a professional businesswoman to impress, or fully dressed in a unique and beautiful gown. However she dresses, she can always impress with her Dragonic Authority.


Everyone who gets to meet her personally describes her as kind and warm, like a wonderful mother. She can be very welcoming to anyone who approaches her with good intentions. At the same time, she is very protective of her children and does not show any mercy to anyone who would harm or even just threaten to harm them.

Personal Assets

Cassidy does not have much in terms of personal wealth. For the most part, she just uses credit cards that are paid for by Paragon Trust Inc.. She has an apartment in New York City that she owns outright. All paperwork surrounding anything she owns is handled either by the bank or by her lawyers from Hillford & Derry.

Relationships & Social Network

Most relationships that Cassidy has formed with humans are maternal. She sees humans grow up in such a short time to her. Each time she grieves the loss of a child, but she still cares for them greatly again and again. As a dragon, she has a great ability to process her emotions and fully deal with them. Every time a loyalist dies she grieves for them and every time a loyalist joins she celebrates with them.

Family & Friends

Family is very important to Cassidy. She considers all the loyalists as her children, but forms even closer bonds with adopted children. She has adopted Vinaya as her daughter and is very close to her. Though, as Vinaya has grown to a young woman and went to college, she had to give her some distance to find her place in the world.   One of the best friends is Clarissa. When they first met each other several thousand years ago, they tried to kill each other. Thrilled for the hunt, but unable to kill, they came to respect their skills and eventually decided to hunt with each other instead. Over the years they have become very close and share a passion for hunting great beasts in alien dimensions.   Other people she is close to receive the title Friend of Cassidy. She has great respect for them and helps them with anything to make them happy and have a good life.


Cassidy heavily relies on the support of her loyalists to achieve her goals and even live her day-to-day life. She always tries to be considerate of her loyalists needs and what they want to do, but she cannot do everything herself. She has great respect for the loyalists and fully trusts them to carry out her will and follow their own dreams.

Public Interest

The world has an invested interest in Cassidy's life. She has become a celebrity because of her involvement in the campaign against the Supernatural Creatures Registration Act. During the campaign, the journalist Kenneth Sanchez published a large report about the massive loyalist network that supports her. This stirred up a lot of people as they just realized how far supernatural communities are embedded in human society. Since then, many people have become either fans of her or major critics who use her an as example of how dangerous supernaturals are. Despite all this, nobody really understands just how old and powerful she really is outside of her inner circles. Since that report, she has given a handful of interviews in an attempt to make her seem more relatable.   A few months after the report on her was published, Cassidy hired a firm to manage and improve her public image. This firm has been hard at work on social media and the press to promote her and positive stories about the dragon loyalists. Their focus is mostly on the Children of Cassidy Society, which is crucial for orphans around the world to find a home in the world.
Current Location
200+ million years
Current Residence
Related Myths
Ruled Locations
Known Languages
Dragonic Teleempathy, Dragonic, English, (archaic) Chinese, French and several extinct languages

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin
Character Portrait image: Cassidy by Artbreeder


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