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A young woman with a bright future ahead of her. She is the adopted daughter of Cassidy. This alone makes her a person of interest and gives her high prestige and social standing. She is currently attending the College of Mystical Arts & History in Manhattan.   She is known as a socialite and party girl by most, but really she is just bored most of the time as there are really no challenges in her live.


When I first saw her I was stunned. She had worn a very eye catching red dress to the party and everyone was looking at her. And she was just standing there smiling. I knew I wanted to get to know here from that smile alone.
— Zachary Gray
Vinaya takes greate care of her appearance and always arrives in fashionable clothes and some natural make-up no matter the place or situation. She has an athletic body which she maintains with very little effort. She has long dark brown hair which she often wears open and a slightly tanned complextion. She has a rather exotic red eye colour which throws a lot of people off.


She see's herself as a very laid back and chill person who just coasts along for the ride that is her life. Her friends would usually describe her much more ambitious and driven than that. There simply are not many obstacles for her to tackle so she often creates challenges for herself. Her close friends are important to her as well as her mother.


She is motivated to act on behalf of her close friends and for the most part enjoys the attention of the press and the public. Though she has made some bad experiences in that regard. She is undecided if she wishes to learn more of her home and biological family that she left as a baby and has no memories of them.

Supernatural Abilities

As a baby she absorbed the dragonic energy of her adoptive mother and made them her own. Her bones are infused with these energies and she has learned to control and manipulate them. This gives her supernatural strength, reflexes and preception. She can use these powers to shield herself and others from any kind of magical and physical attack.   Her mother has insistet that she consistently trains to use these powers so she has high control and has even experienced real combat against powerful opponents. She enjoys fighting and using her powers, though she has found that very few in the world can actually compete with her.   What exactly her birth abilities are is unknown. She has never learned anything special, though it might be that these powers are dormant. Without any knowledge about her origin it is difficult to make any conculsions about it. Since she has absorbed the dragonic energy, she has not been able to absorb anything else. It is possible that her power is simply to absorb the first power she comes into contact with.


Vinaya is not a model student. She only does as much as necessary and often uses her social status to have others do the tedious work for her. Theoretical subjects do not interest her at all and she avoids them as much as possible.   She is unable to take many of the practical classes as she cannot use Earth magic. She takes various classes on alchemy and martial arts. As an alchemist she just barely gets by to pass all the classes that she has to pass. In martial arts she excels and there is no sparring partner who can keep up with her at the college.


Vinaya is such a powerful, attractive, intelligent, rich and beloved woman! I wish I could be more like her. Just being at one of her parties is a big privilege.
— A fan.
As a socialite she has a large group of friends from the college and Manhattan in general. Few of these friends are really close to her and most just want to profit from her fame and wealth. She herself only considers four people to be her actual friends including her boyfriend.   Abigail Taylor is a powerful witch of a New Yorker coven. Vinaya considers her to be her best friend and trusts her with all her secrets. They have met each other at the college during classes.   Doris Scott is a werebear with a lot of guts and courage. She likes to spar and brawl with Vinaya even though she is completely outclassed by Vinaya in physical strength.   Gabriel Lewis is the first ordinary human who is attending the college. He was allowed to attend as an experiment and focuses on classes relating to magic theory and supernatural history. Vinaya was impressed by his tenacity as an outsider to make a name for himself and stick to his prinicples.   Zachary Gray is Vinaya's boyfriend. They have been in a relationship for a year. Their relationship is strained by the fact that Gray omitted that he comes from a long line of Dragon Hunter's. Both his family and Cassidy do not approve of the relationship as a result.

Wealth & Assets

I know that I am rich, but I don't really know what for. Its not like a really manage it all by myself. Other people do that for me. It is really practical as I don't ever have to think about if I can get something or not.
— Vinaya
Vinaya is one of the richest 22 year olds in the world. She has several properties in Manhatten to her name, a large trust fund and a company she founded herself that has managed to turn a profit quickly. The company she founded is an social media company that focuses on supernaturals and has been very successful.


She currently lives in a penthouse appartement in the Upper East Side. It comes with a pool, a bar and other party amenities. She loves to host gatherings for her friends here. Like most rich Manhattanites she has a summer house in the Hamptons. Though she spends very little time there.
Human (Non-Earth)
Birth Date
24th of august
Year of Birth
1998 CE 22 Years old

Articles under Vinaya

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin
  • ca. 1998
    Life, Birth

    The exact date of her birth is unknown to her and the people of earth. She could probably find out with modern technology or magic, but she has no interest in her heritage.

  • 1998 CE

    10 October 10:00

    Saved in New York City
    Life, Relocation

    This is the date and time that Cassidy found and rescued Vinaya. It is this date that she celebrates as her birthday.

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    Vinaya's Origin


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