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Five Ponds

One of the largest werewolve settlements in the Adirondack Mountains. The town has a population of around 10'000 more than half of which are werewolves. It is the capital of the Five Ponds Nation. The town was founded around one hundred fifty years ago by the clan members.

Mercenary Outfits

The town is home to a number of supernatural mercenary companies that operate all over the world. They originated here by funding the wars between the many supernatural communities present in the region.   Mercenaries from this town are highly valued and well known. The town is full with prospective recruits who wish to join one of the mercenary outfits. It has a high number of shops for weapons and combat gear even though there are no combat zones nearby anymore. The closest active combat zone is beyond the Hell Gate in Queens.   There is a fort on the outskirts of the town that has been decommissioned and is no longer actively maintained for military purposes.

Layout & Transport

The town is laid out in a functional grid like most American cities. A train line leads from the town to the Adirondack Airport for quick transport. The town is connected to route 3 in the north and rout 28 in the south for access with by car or truck.  


Since the veil has fallen the town has attracted a number of tourists for military history and equipment. The biggest event is the Five Pond Weapons Convention that is held annually. Otherwise a number of hotels popped up that make staying for a night easy with access to the trails and lakes close by for various summer and winter sport activities.
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