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West Canada Special Territory

The first special territory established in New York State. It was officially established on the 20th of September 2019 after two years of negotiations and legal proceedings. The territory is governend by the West Canada Nation. The lands that this territory encompasses were under the control of the West Canada Nation for almost two centuries.


The borders of the territory follow routes and county borders. In the south the border follows state route 8 and in the north state route 28. In the east the border follows the two routes until they hit peaceful valley road. The road connect the two routes and forms the eastern most border. The western border follows the county borders between Herkimer County and Oneida County. state route 28 crosses this border while state route 8 goes south ealier. Here state route 365 forms the southern border until it reaches the county border.


There are a number of settlements within the territory. Each settlement has their own municipal government with limited governing capabilites. The special territory has no juristiction over any hamlets and villages that were reconized by the state of New York before august in 2016. Most of these hamlets are on the border of the territory.   The following hamlets were established by supernatural communities and are under the juristiction by the special territory:  

Points of Interest

  • The Cedar Winery is famous for their excellent Twilight Wine. They sell their wine to many therian communities in the Adirondack Mountains.
New York
Hamilton, Warren, Herkimer
Johnsburg, Wells, Indian Lake, Lake Pleasant, Arietta, Long Lake, Inlet, Morehouse, Ohio, Webb, Russia
Cedar Lake, Higgins Bay, Hoffmeister, Kings Flow, Lake Pleasant, Little Moose, Mapple Lake, North River, Piseco, Red River, Sabael, Swanson Dam
Points of Interest
Cedar Winery
Governed by
West Canada Nation
20. September 2019
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Included Locations
Owning Organization

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