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An abandoned hamlet in the northeastern Adirondack Mountains. It is surrounded by the High Peaks Wilderness Area except for the south where the access road is situated. The hamlet was founded to house the workers of the nearby mines and steelworks plants of Adirondack Iron Works.   Over two centuries later it is now in the possession of the Open Space Institute. The institute wishes to preserve the heritage location and restore the natural site that was damaged by the long term mining operations.


The hamlet is located in a small valley surrounded by several peaks. These peaks include Sanford Hill, Echo Mountain, Popple Hill, Mount Adams and Henderson Mountain. The Hudson River flows through it and has formed several lakes along the way. In the North is Henderson Lake and at the center are two parts of Sandford lake. The entire area still shows clear signs of the mining operations with several tailing piles and quarries. The quarries often fill with water at least temporary.


There is not much infrastructure remaining. Of the original buildings only around ten remain. The most notable is the MacNaughton Cottage which was restored. The cleaned and stabilized remnants of a blast furnace used during the first mining operation remains. It is the last building from before the 1900.   The access road is called Tahawus road and is maintained. The remnants of the railway are still there though all the buildings surrounding it have been removed. The tracks are not maintained.


There are no humans present in this area today year round. Hikers pass the hamlet on their way to the Indian Pass or Mount Marcy. The area of the former hamlet is the home of the Tahawus clan. They are a large clan of Gahongas. They live around the Hudson River and the various lakes and ponds in the valley.
Abandoned Hamlet
44.05145, -74.05242
Access Road
Tawahus Road (CR 25)
Current Owner
Open Space Institute

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