Cedar Lake

A hamlet located at the shores of Lake Cedar, deep in the mountains of the West Canada Wildreness Area. It is home to werewolves and their spouses of the West Canada Nation. They settled the area sometime in the 19th century. The settlement expand all around the lake and had to adjust when the dam was constructed as it slightly increased the water level.

Important Buildings and Landmarks

The hamlet has a few community buildings that are shared by the inhabtants. The rest of the buildings are family homes.  
  • Pier: A small pier on the lake where the three fishing boats are bound to. The pier is fully made of wood and requires regular maintenance.
  • Chapel: This is the place of worship of the community. Regular mass is every sunday and wednesday morning. Additional mass are held for funerals of members of the nation and on catholic holidays.
  • Cemetery: A small cemetery that is organized in catholic tradition. Each family has their specific plot with spouses burried together.
  • Community Hall: A great hall to meet up for social, political and cultural events. Outside of these events the hall is still frequented by most villagers at least a few times a week as their schedules allow.
  • Training Hall: The warriors of the nation find themselves here for regular training. It has lost some of its purpose as active training is much less important in these peaceful times.
Special Territory
West Canada Special Territory
43.6217, -74.5333 (Community Hall)
740 - 760m

Cover image: Mountain Landscape by TJ Trewin


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