Olive Sanctuary

A hidden settlement in the High Peaks Wilderness that is inhabited by the members of the Order of the Olive Branch. The most important feature of the settlement is the large olive tree orchard. It is the primary purpose of the inhabitants to maintain the orchard and protect the dryads from any dangers. The olive oil produced by this orchard has a very strong flavour and has become a global delicatess. This is the primary source of income for the people who live in Olive Sanctuary.   The town has a powerful environmental magic array surrounding it that makes the climate within it milder than the rest of the Adirondack Mountains. This combined with the abilities of the dryads is what allows the olive trees to thrive in this place. As life of all inhabitants is centered around olives they have many different traditions and rituals relating to it.

Olive Oil Manufactory

The largest and most important building in the town. Most people in town work here during and after harvest season to ensure all the olives can be processed. The building is located at the center of the town an has been there for more than a hundred years. It has been modernized and expanded over time, but many of the processes used are still traditional. The sideproducts of the process are used in other ways. The main product is virgin olive oil that is sold to markets around the world.
Incorporated Village
New York
Special Territory
High Peaks Wilderness
Governement Type
Village Council
January 21, 2019
Ethnic Groups
Olive Tree Dryads
5.15 km2

Cover image: Olive trees by Kallerna


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