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Olive Tree Dryads

The olive tree dryads are an ancient ancestry of dryads. They used to be a very influencial and powerful ethnic group amongst all dryads but have lost much of their power during a great purge.   Most olive tree dryads follow the tenants of Eirinism. As they are pacifists they have been taken advantage off in the past many times, but they have found ways to protect themselves from others without using violence.   The olive tree dryads can be found in many places around the world. They have the same geographic distribution as the olive tee itself.   They have many rituals and traditions around the olive tree and its growth, flowering, harvest and processing. The most important of these rituals is the first flowering when the dryads are considered as adults already. This takes place usually within two to five years after planting.  

Dress Code

Olive tree dryads are usualy naturalists who reject the wearing of human clothing. They will do so as a protective measure if necessary to blend in with humans, but really only in a case of emergency. Their humanoid body does follow the hues and textures of the olive tree. Their skin is usually rough with a light brown colour that covers most of their body. On their heads they commonly grow olive branches with flowering buds and leaves. Depending on the season they are flowering or might even bear actual olives. Breaking off a branch of their "hair" is an important sign of peace and that they mean no harm.   Dryads who reject the naturalist way of live often do so to better integrate with human society. Many of them work in the olive oil industry or are involved in the Order of the Olive Branch. Some of these dryads can often be found supporting peaceful protests to protect nature or to promote peace.
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Cover image: Olive trees by Kallerna


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