Saranac Lake

A small village situated in the northern Adirondack Mountains. It is named after the three lakes Upper, Middle and Lower Saranac Lake but the village boundaries do not actually touch any of the three lakes.


The economy of Saranac Lake is largely depended on income from tourism. As a tourist desitnation it is mostly attractive for outdoors related activities both in summer and in winter. The rest are a collection of small business who provide services to the villagers and surrounding hamlets.


The village is close to the Adirondack Regional Airport, which is the only commercial airport in the Adirondack mountains. The village is connected to within the region with bus services. Inhabitants usually do not depend on public transport and have their own car to get around.

Adirondack Park Alliance

The alliance uses Saranac Lake as meeting place for their yearly summits. This event brings a lot of people to the small village from all over the Adirondack mountains. The mayor of Saranac has been invited to each summit since 2016 to give a speech during the opening ceremony. The summit is accompanied by a big festival that attracts many tourists.   The village is home to a small circle of witches which are not part of the alliance officially, but simply by their presence during the festival their membership is de-facto accepted by most members.
Abandoned Internment Camp
0 (max. 1'300 historically)
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