Five Ponds Town Hall

Welcome to Five Ponds, Ms. Gray! I hope you had a great trip.   It was lovely, Mr. Parker.   Great, the council woman is waiting inside. Please follow me!   Can I take a quick picture of the wolf head?   Of course. Though the council woman would prefer if the head wasn't associated with her interview.   Why is that?   I believe it would be best if you ask her that yourself, Ms. Gray.  
— Exchange between Larry Parker and Victoria Gray
  The town hall is a concrete building with a large iconic wolf head at its front. Other than the wolf head the building is very functional. It has a very simple floor plan, with clear signaling throughout for easy navigation. The interior is equipt with simple, modern furniture made of metal and plastic with little in the way of comfort.


This building is the political heart of the Five Ponds Nation. Many of its most important political organs meet and work in this building. This includes the city mayors office, the cities parliament and legislative, the Warrior Council and the nations executive. They all work side by side in the large building.

Floor Plan

The town hall is one large rectangular building. It has a total of six floors, with two of them below ground. On the lowest floor is a large garage for the employees of the town hall. The first floor undergound contains a industrial kitchen for the staff canteen and various storage rooms for supplies. On the ground floor is the entrance hall with a reception area for visitors. Any employees are required to carry a badge and security is checked. No weapons are allowed in the building. The entrance hall features a large door at the back that leads to the warrior council session hall. This door is always closed and only smaller sidedoors are used to enter the hall to ensure security. The upper floors are dominated by offices and meeting rooms for the many employees that work in the town hall.

The Wolf Head

Five ponds werewolves value function far more than aesthetic, but sometimes even they bring forth an artist. The architect of this town hall is Dennis Campbell. The wolf head was his idea and he pushed it through against the wishes of many others involved in the project. The head itself is almost 8m tall and 4m wide. The head is modelled after General Joe Sanders in his wolf form. Most people involved in the project did not realize this. They assumed that it was just a generic wolf's head. Once this became known there was a huge debate if putting an alleged war criminal on a civilian governance building is such a good idea. At that point the building was already constructed and calls to have it removed were unsuccessful so far. Activists have defaced the wolf's head with graffiti on two occasions so far. The culprit(s) of this act are still at large.


As the building is the work place of many governement officials of the Five Ponds Nation the security is very tight. A large team of security personel is on premise at all times. The entire building and its surrounding are covered by CCTV, heat vision and supernatural sensors to detect any intruders. All entrances except for the main entrance are guarded and require a security badge to enter. Visitors can only gain access with an employee or official that invites them to the town hall for a meeting or another occasion. The security guards are all werewolves, but are generally unarmed. They rely on their phyiscal strength and wolf form to subdue any woud be attackers.
Town Hall
Five Ponds
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A generated photograph of a conrete building with a wolf head at the center.
Town Hall by Midjourney AI

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