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Cascade Falls

The cascade falls are a famous meeting place for dryads living around the fall. It is a semi-amphibous habitat with many different types of plants, fungi and animals. Each season the falls look similar, but come in a different guise.   During the winter the fall is largely frozen over and becomes an ice wall. Surrounded by deep snow and dead trees it is a harsh environment to survive. The only visitors in this time of the year are ice climbers and snow-shoe hikers.   In spring the fall is the most active with all the melting water coming down from the peaks. This is the time when the fall is framed by a lot of bright green and various flowers. It is the time of the flower spring festival and attracts dryads from all over the mountains.   When sommer comes the fall calms down and more humans make the trip to the lakes often making a stop at the fall. During this time a nomadic clan of the Jogah settles nearby and uses the fall as a source of water, washing and having fun.   In the autumn the plants lose their green and start dying. The weather becomes harsher and cooler, bringing a lot of rain and fog to the falls. Travelers are much rarer to visit during this time, but this means that more animals can be found around the fall.

Meeting Place

The Cascade Falls are a popular meeting place for dryads of the and the Sentinel Range Wilderness forests. The dryads meet here usually through all the seasons, but less so during winter. Sometimes they move down to the lakes to swimm there.

Dryad Flower Spring Festival

The first time the dryads meet up in this place is for a very special festival. It takes place when the first flowers bloom and the trees carry some green. There is never a fixed date but the dryads simply feel when it is time to celebrate the arrival of Spring in earnest.   Any dryad can take place and arrives at the cascade falls in a beautiful dress of flowers and green. The festival begins with the dance of one dryad. Then a second and a third. As more and more dryads join in the dance, it creates a beautiful flurry of colours, movements and powerful scents. Anyone watching this spectacle cannot help but to be in awe of such outstanding beauty.   This dance usually goes on for several days while some dryads leave and new dryads join in. Each year this dance attracts more dryads from all over the mountains who have heard of the cathartic and elevating experience this festival is. No one remembers when or why this festival began or what its purpose was. But for many dryads it is undoubtedly the pinnacle of their year.


Route NY-73 passes the two lakes bellow the fall. There are a few parking spots on the shores of Lower Cascade Lake. From there, it is a small hike on a trail to the Cascade Falls. Throughout spring, summer and fall many hikers take these trails to explore the region and pass by the Cascade Falls.
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