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Tupper Lake, Village

A small village situated in the center of the northern Adirondack Mountains. The highways NY 30 and NY 3 cross each other in the village. It is one of the larger settlements in the region. It is on the shore of Raquette Pond, which is connected to Tupper Lake (the actual lake), which the village was named after.  


The village was founded and grew in the nineteenth century with the lumber industry. It featured many sawmills and the residencies of the workers of the region. It was connected via rail.   The entire village burnt down in 1899 and was rebuilt bigger and better.  


One of the largest and newest complexes in the village is the Adirondack Park Alliance headquarters. It features more than a dozen buildings that serve as offices, event venues and as accomodations for visitors and representatives. The High Council has their sessions in the main building that is located centraly. This complex seems somewhat out of place in this small village and not all villagers are happy that it is exists. However, the alliance has made various concessions to the villagers so that they could not say no. The headquarters are located in this human village, because it serves as a neutral ground for the alliance members. Nobody wanted another member to host the alliance headquarters.
Governement Type
Mayor and Board of Trustees
Walter Turner
Tupper Lake
ZIP Code
8.15 km2
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