Adirondack Park Alliance

An alliance formed after the Second Adirondack War to prevent any more devastating conflicts in the region. What started out as a pakt of enemies has grown to a community of allies. With the arch druid as a central figure the alliance has managed to create an atmosphere of understanding, trust and acceptance. As with everything the public appearance is not the full truth. Various factions and interest groups fight over certain resources, territories and control within the alliance. They do so hidden in the shadows and mostly with back room deals, sabotage, blackmail and other non-violent acts. The alliance is closely monitored by the New York Government and the Hunter's Guild. Neither trust that the alliance will remain stable for long.

Organizational Structure

The alliance has created a small bureaucracy to manage the responsibilities and projects that it either has been assigned or that it created for itself. At the top of the hiearchy is the leadership council. It is consituted from the leaders of all the full alliance members. This council meets twice a year and sets its own agenda. They dicuss important matters and make relevant descisions for the alliance. Most of their resolutions are non-binding for the members, but as resolutions are only passed unanonmously they are often followed anyway.   The procedures are moderated by the council chairperson. In the early days this post was held by the arch druid, but she handed the position to someone else as she didn't have the time to take on this role seriously. Since then the chairperson is a fixed position that only changes when the person quits.   The meetings are very formal and follow procedures that are strictly defined and enforced by the chairperson.   The chairperson is also the head of the alliance administration.




The administration employs around 100 people in various positions. They take care of all the administrative tasks and manage the assests of the alliance.


The first agency founded by the alliance is the Supernatural Beasts Conservatory. This agency is tasked with the protection of the many supernatural species home in the Adirondack Mountains that are threatened with extinction. They manage a large database of all the supernatural creatures found in this region. This endeavour is fairly unique, and only really done by the Hunter's Guild otherwise. They of course have a very different goal with their database.   A second agency was founded to support special territory claims and operation. They are mostly lawyers and activists that support supernatural communities to aquire their own special territory and have it acknowledged by the state of New York.


The alliance contracts APU Security to ensure the security at all the events hosted by the alliance. They have a very good deal that lets them utilize the services at a discounted price.  


The alliance is fully funded by member contributions. Every member pays a small percentage of their communities income into the alliance treasury. This treasury is managed by the alliance administration. The money is used for the alliances own opertationa and for projects supported by the alliance.
Founding Date
21st of august 2008
Black River Community
Seneca Black Bear Community
Notable Characters
Jemma Galloway

Alliance Members

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